About Stepping Stone

About stepping stone
Nestled in one of the Lush green and most developing suburbs of Hyderabad, Stepping Stone School(SSS), a decade year experience in quality of education as well as in child development programme is founded by P.R.K. REDDY MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY(regd no:774) in the year 2009.
Our society governed by academicians, knowledgeable people, young entrepreneurs and retired society members.
Our society advisory councellors includes, educationist, software industry experts, psychologists, community and charity members.
We follow the school policies governed by the society and advisory council.
Our Vision:
To contribute to the overall development among the children there by infusing
human values and create a strong positive character in them.
Our Mission: We strive to create the environment to the children where they can run, play,
explore, learn and grow physically and mentally.
Our delivery approach: Its paramount on Our institution, teaching/ Non-teaching staff to offer fun-filled, vibrant, boosting education atmosphere with state-of the art tools, methodologies to achieve our Vison and Mission.

We strongly believe in 360 degree over all “ CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME”. The Child Development Program seeks to provide a “best practices” model of early learning in a lab/research/teaching setting. The activities and experiences reflect innovative practices and learning opportunities to build children’s minds and bodies while establishing a foundation for more formal classroom learning.

  • The Integrated Curriculum Model (ICM) is an approach to teaching gifted students in a way that is sensitive to their needs. This model places an emphasis on advance content knowledge, relies on higher order thinking skills, and focuses learning on major issues that cross several disciplines.
  • Academic offerings build on the strength of traditional disciplines, yet, integrate easily with a broad exposure to the liberal arts like theatre, dance, drama, singing, art & craft, multimedia, sports activities.
  •  We adopted the methodology is to develop in your child a love for English and a positive attitude towards language  learning. Our courses give children the opportunity to learn the language in an English-speaking environment and help prepare them for entering into kindergarten and primary schools  
  • We are laying strong foundation for your children by CDP, since we have strong resources, ICM, Teaching methodology, Infrastructure, Facilities. SSS has always viewed programme evaluation as an important on-going activity in the school to ensure effective delivery of the academic plan inside the classroom
  • We have a special programme “Specific Learning Disabilities Awareness Program” for our beloved special kids. Our beyond academic activities such as as career guidance, technology such as ROBOS, DRONES, VFX and Animation , arts and sports, will shape up the students for the feature challenges.
  • Our talk show, leadership qualities, learning one of the foreign languages,martial arts, yoga and meditation will transform young souls in to world leaders.
  • Our celebrations, cultural programmes, field trips, community and charity services will keep our Indian tradition, culture, Nationalism intact. 
  • Our health plan as well as diet plan, health camps keep individual fit and use full to Family, Society, and Finally to the Nation.