Martial Arts and Yoga Maditation


Martial arts

Taekwondo is one of the most popular extra-curricular activities for children around the word. Despite this fact, many parents worry about teaching children “fighting” skills.

To put it simply: Taekwondo is not about fighting.

Martial arts for children have a proven track record of positively affecting a child’s mental and physical well-being regardless of shape, size, or background.

Our Kids Taekwondo classes help children to:

Learn discipline, manners, and respect

Improve focus, concentration, and diligence

Develop appropriate social skills and habits

Mature, grow, and have fun doing it!

"True education means providing an optimal environment in which each child’s self-regulated learning process can unfold naturally. After all, the very word ‘education’ comes to us from the Latin educare, ‘to lead out from within’, the highest qualities of each unique soul. In this process, meditation proves to be the most efficient and practical means.” —Swami Satyananda

Yoga and mindfulness offer psychological benefits for children as well. A growing body of research has already shown that yoga can improve focus, memory,self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior, and can even reduce anxiety and stress in children.