President Message


Dear Parents and Students,                 
I welcome you to this magnificent world of Stepping Stone School. As the name
suggests, we endeavour in bringing in the first time right approach among our
students and hence we call our institution as stepping stone. Our goal is to create
place for children where they can run, play, explore, learn and grow physically and
mentally. We are committed to valuing each child as unique, created specially with
individual gifts, strengths, interests and needs.
We strongly believe in 360 degree over all “ CHILD DEVELOPMENT
PROGRAMME” which includes.
- The Integrated Curriculum Model (ICM) places an emphasis on advance
content knowledge, relies on higher order thinking skills, and focuses
learning on major issues that cross several disciplines.
 Our methodology support personal, social, emotional and physical
development, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, knowledge and
understanding of the world and creative development.
 Our Infra , facility and resources enrich the quality of education and
 Our beyond academic activities such as as career guidance, technology,
arts and sports, will shape up the students for the feature challenges.
 Our talkshow, leadership qualities, learning one of the foreign languages,
martial arts, yoga and meditation will transform young souls in to world
 Our celebrations, cultural programmes, field trips, community and charity
services will keep our Indian tradition, culture, patriotism intact.
 Our health plan as well as diet plan, health camps keep individual fit and
usefull to society.
I invite you to visit our campus, see our infrastructure and take a demo
class with our faculty, meet our resources and students, connect with our
administrators and experience the stepping stone

Best Regards,

Harinadha Paleti Reddy