Principal Message



Dear Parents,



“ Train up a child in the way he should go, even  when he is old he will not depart from it” – proverb

With reference to the above proverb, the goal of Stepping Stone teaching community is to provide a safe and a comfortable environment with sophisticated teaching equipment and tools to stimulate the creativity in children.This helpsthem gain a positive self-imagethrough success experience and acceptance of their feelingsby our teachers.

We make sure that children reach their goals by achieving a positive separation from home and foster a positive self-concept.

This enables them develop social skills and the ability to function in small as well as large groups.

We encourage children to think, reason, question and experiment. Our programs are carefully designed to balance metal and physicalhealth. Safety and nutritional practices are our priorities.

We make sure that the child is stimulated in language development through listening and following directions, interacting with peers and teachers.

Our teaching methodology aims at developing in your child a love for English and a positive attitude towards language learning. Our courses give children the opportunity to learn the language in an English-speaking environment and help prepare them for entering into kindergarten and primary schools.

  • Students work on projects to activate and consolidate English learned in class, and develop leadership, critical thinking and digital literacy skills.
  • Our teaching methodology helps to build up confidencein your child which will benefit him/her in everyday communication in this internationalised world.
  • We are committed to 360 degree “child development programme.” We make sure that the deliverables are in time, on time and every time.
  • We have a reason behind every task we assign to the child and a regular feedback will be given on overall child development.


Finally, we promise in every class your child will receive a blessing. After every session he/she will bring home something learned. Sometimes it will be carried in his head, sometimes in his hands, and sometimes in his heart, a special smile will givethe joy we shared in the process.


Best Regards,

Pavani Ayyagari